Time Flies

Image¬† ¬† ¬†Santiago’s last day of school was yesterday. I cannot believe that he will be starting kindergarten next year! This little man is growing up so quickly! I know everyone always says that about every child, but still. Compare his first day of school picture and his last day of school picture–and that’s not even a full stinkin’ year! I guess having a nephew and watching him grow up will better prepare me for when I have my own children (years down the road).

Speaking of children, happy late mother’s day to all you wonderful mothers! I’ve still not picked up my mom’s present–whoops.Image I’m just creating anticipation, building up for the moment I do actually give her the present. Each year, at least it seems like it, I get the BEST of the BEST idea for mother’s day gifts. However, I always think of the gift a couple months in advance. Then, since it’s so early, I remind myself to get it later, closer to the date. But it NEVER fails, I always forget what my great idea was. I know, by now I should just go ahead and buy the gift when I think of it, but I never remember that until afterwards. I always assume since it’s such a good idea, I’ll remember it. Fool me once…twice…three…four times? So am I shameful fool now?

As the school year is finishing up, substituting jobs are becoming harder and harder to get. I need to look for another summer job. It’ll just be difficult with planning a wedding, packing, and working a summer job.I’m stressed just imagining it! Woe is the life of me. I wonder if I can work retail somewhere or go back to my teen years and babysit. Babysitting makes bank, y’all. People put their money where they put their values. And, thankfully, a lot of people value their children. Oh, the topic of children again. Now that I’ve made a full circle in my one-sided conversation, I need to start today’s tasks.

Happy Hump Day!