It’s A Whirlwind

I’ve been married for a month, I’ve been in Costa Rica for 2.5 weeks, and tomorrow I start teaching. Whew! When I say a lot has been going on–I mean A LOT!

Being married has been great. I love spending time with John everyday and our conversations before bed the most. Obviously there has been some adjustments (wait… you mean, if we don’t go grocery shopping…there’s no snacks in the pantry?), but it’s still great. I’m learning how to cook…as I’m typing this, we have a BBQ chicken in the crock pot. I can’t take too much credit for making it–that’s why I said, “we have”. As soon as John told me I had to break the leg off of the whatever part of the chicken, I lost it.  So, for any recipes including raw meat, it will be a “we” instead of a “me”.

Our first home is definitely a work in progress. I’m learning just how intense my OCD tendencies are, especially when it comes to cob web on windows, muck on the floor, and bathroom drains that make even God plug his nose. Speaking of nasty drains, anyone have any solutions? We’ve tried Drain-o and bleach. Please, for the sake of our poor noses, offer up some feasible solutions.

Oh, yeah, to keep the complain train in motion, the shower head has the oddest shade of green mold I have ever seen. Perhaps, if it wasn’t mold, it would be a pretty eye color. And, in case you were wondering, it is slippery. Not that any of you would reach up and grab it to adjust the water. Advice: don’t.

But, in all seriousness, the place really has grown on me. I love the little bedrooms, the intimate living room, the land lord (what?! Yes.), the two bathrooms, and the location (we can walk to the mall! With my shopping history, I haven’t decided if this is good or not…). John and I are very fortunate for having a place to call home. As strange as it sounds, I do look forward to continuing our cleaning to make our home even more ours.

Tomorrow is the first day of school! Whoo-hooo! I haven’t slept well the past two nights, so hopefully tonight I will pass out. I feel like one of the 6th graders I will be teaching: I’ve already got my outfit picked out for tomorrow, I keep checking my book bag to make sure all my supplies are there, and I’ve got butterflies in my stomach. I’m excited with a sprinkle of nervousness. Okay, maybe more than a sprinkle.  I know it’ll all be fine, truly. It’s just the first part that will be hard–rip that bandaid of comfort off that wound of insecurities! I’ve got to stop procrastinating and making up terrible metaphors. Lesson planning time round…27?


Journal Keeping

Today is one of those days where I haven’t done much of anything. I over slept, I did dishes, I wrote in my journal, and I listened to music. However, it’s been a productive mental day. My mind has wandered so much! I love letting myself just lay on my bed and let the music take my thoughts where ever they choose to go.

I started keeping a journal in the spring of 2010, thanks to a professor I had at the time. Since then, I have scribbled down thoughts to fill my original journal, as well as 80 percent-ish of another. I love buying journals. Right now, my journal smells of leather and dust. When I open it, my mind just spills out through my finger tips.

Whenever I write, I always feel closer to myself. I gain a deeper understanding of who I am and what I’m going through. Normally, I don’t solve any of the questions I conjure up, but I do think a lot about the answers. There’s a quote I heard forever ago and it’s something like, “It’s not the destination that matters, but the journey.” Journal keeping has taken me on many journeys, often making me forget the destination altogether. Such a lovely thing it is to let your mind go here and there for no rhyme or reason.