This Moment

DSC_0356aRight now, I’m planning for one of the biggest days of my life thus far–my wedding to Prince Charming. At 23, I haven’t had too many earth shaking events in my life. Maybe graduation from University would be one for most, but to me, it wasn’t that big of a deal. I’m actually eager to get back to school to further my education. I love school…perhaps that’s one of the big reasons I graduated in English education. Alas, I’m chasing rabbits.

John, my lovely soon-to-be-hubby, and I are getting married July 6, 2013. We met back in the Spring of 2011, started dating August 2012, and got engaged February 2013–hey, when you know, you know. Right? With a short engagement, comes a lot of responsibility. Then, to add to the whirlwind, John is in another country, as well as one of his groom’s men. Although it’s been a challenge and, let’s be honest, a little stressful (I’ve cried more than I’d like to admit), stuff is getting done. I’ve never dreamed of how much stuff goes into planning one special, fairy tale, day.

After we say, “I do” John and I plan on moving to Costa Rica to both teach internationally. I’m a mixture of excitement and nerves. I’m not really sure what the future will bring to John and I, but I’m looking forward to sharing with whomever is reading this.


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